Productivity and Apps

A truly interesting episode of Ed Gandia’s Podcast, this time with a Erik Fisher, an expert on productivity, sharing some tools, apps and ideas for getting the work done in the deadline-driven world we solopreneurs live in.

Listen to the episode for free:

Hope you enjoy!


Erschrick dich nicht?

Just a quick heads up for those of you who have been wondering about some particularities of the German language:

Is it “Erschrick dich nicht!” or “Erschreck dich nicht!”?
Is it “Ich habe das Bild aufgehängt” or “Ich habe das Bild aufgehangen”?
What about “Er schmilzt” but “Die Sonne schmelzt den Schneemann.”?

Tricky, right?
I’ve found the perfect video to help you out on this one:
Daniel Scholten explains in detail where the differences are and when to use what.

And since I was tempted to comment on how much I liked their video, but alas there was no comment option, look what lovely words the Q&A section has for us:
“Warum kann man Artikel nicht kommentieren?
Belles Lettres bietet Ihnen damit die ein­zig­artige Mög­lich­keit, Ihren Ge­dan­ken in Ruhe wei­ter­zu­den­ken und zu über­prüfen.”

Food for thought, indeed 🙂

Interpreting Tales

Yesterday I stumbled across a truly funny story by Caroline Elias, a blogging interpreter from Berlin:

(The piece is written in German)
She couldn’t have painted a more vivid portrait, I’d say ^^

British vs. American Accent

Today I read a most interesting article about how the English pronunciation has changed since the Independence in 1776.
I was surprised to read that Hollywood movies are wrong about the haughty British accent the actors sport when really, back in the day, they spoke more like modern Americans do.

Here’s the link:

Global English – disease or cure?

I didn’t want to keep this brilliant article by Vivi Bentin from you (German only, sorry). It’s about the lingering question of whether we’d not all be better off if everyone spoke English.

She’s asking the right questions here: What kind of English would that be? What could you express? Which misunderstandings would occur because of the different levels of English that are being spoken?

Enjoy the read and let me know what you think!

Witty Wednesday: Do The Right Thing

In this episode of “Do The Right Thing”, a comedy podcast from Edinburgh, expert simultaneous interpreter Matthew Perret stars in the “Ask The Expert” round.

For the full length episode, click here.

via AIIC Facebook Group

Random Monday: Typewriter Glossary


Just in case anyone ever needs to name the different parts of a typewriter in German, English or French: look here.

Thanks to Nathalie van Vliet for pointing me to this lovely little glossary 🙂

Mundane Monday: German Tax

If you’re a freelancer or small business owner in Germany, you may find this article by Heike Lorenz very useful – it deals with filing taxes: When to do it, how to do it, calculation aids for knowing how much you’ll have to put aside for it etc.

Wishing you a lovely week!

Fact and Fiction

Now here’s some news:

The Heute Journal reports about the CeBit technology trade fair and a new development underway that’s allegedly going to revolutionize interpreting: click here to read more (in German).

What do you think?

Witty Wednesday: The Interpreter by KLM

Lovely sketch from the Norwegian comedy trio KLM.