Five for Friday: Videos about Interpreting

Welcome everyone,
this is the blog dedicated to compiling all the articles, videos and other material about languages, interpreting and solopreneurship that cross my path each day.

I have started to collect these here for my reference, but I’d be delighted to have this blog become a source for others as well.

So, here goes:

Five for Friday: Videos about Interpreting
The first “page” in our scrapbook is a compilation of five videos about interpreting:

1. A very insightful video from Dick Fleming, former conference interpreter with the European Commission, supplying general information about simultaneous and consecutive mode as well as useful adviceĀ for interpreting students.

2. A Day in the Life… of an Interpreter! Explaining the difference between interpreting and translating and giving a peek into the work of a conference interpreter (I’m not sure I can subscribe to the “you interpret all day, then you go back home and it’s done” part though ;))
Bonus: Find the squirrel!

3. Once again, Dick Fleming is here to tell us about the perks of a properly used consecutive notepad.

4. No happy ending for those who refuse to learn a new language:

SNOW WHITE // Languages Through Lenses 2012 from ELIA on Vimeo.

5. And as a bonus: Great TED talk about evolution and language that mentions translation in the EU (even though interpreting itself is not mentioned):